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This competition started on October 30, 2020 and ends November 26, 2020

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Prize just went up!! $600 and a free beat from @CMIbeats and they will record your track if you come to the DMV



The COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe has become an issue that affects all of us directly. When an infection spreads, it's a pandemic, and it causes pandemonium across the world Doctors, scientists, experts, politicians, even religious leaders are doing all they can to find a cure and contain the outbreak. The question is, as a community, what can we do?


It's sad to see all the deaths from this disease. To stop it, states and entire countries are instituting “stay-at-home orders,” which can affect us financially. Artists who get paid to perform are no longer able to make money from shows and have less ability to entertain us. We have seen arguments on social media where some people are minimizing the disease because they are not directly affected or don't know anyone who is infected. Others are very worried about the disease and are being extra cautious. It is a rough time for our society. 


In times like these, we tend to turn to music and entertainment to relieve our fear and take our minds off the news. Yet, the music and entertainment industry is one of the sectors being hardest hit as artists’ concerts and live performances are cancelled, clubs are closed, and TV shows and films are being postponed. Even still, whether at home or working as an essential employee, you probably have a playlist that helps to get you through the day.


In hip hop culture, negative words and concepts are often redefined with empowering alternatives. Likewise, this Sickest 2 Spit “STAY AT HOME” Challenge is not designed to make light of the problem, but to find unity in it. So to enter the challenge obviously artists don't have to carry the virus, their lyrics just have to be sick. This competition will be judged by you, and we hope that you base it on creativity, concept, flow and context. It's not a popularity competition; it's an opportunity to discover versatile artists who are socially aware in a situation as unique as we are experiencing today.


Follow the competition so that you can be alerted when it's time to vote. Let's continue to stay home as long as possible to stop the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19. This is a perfect time to catch up on your favorite artists and support them while they’re in quarantine and can’t perform live. This is a good time to participate and become judges awarding artists the social proof they need to shape the culture. Let us know on social media who you think should win.


How it works:

If more than 30 artists sign up, the competition will go in rounds, in which each submission will need four votes in order to move to the next round. Once the submissions are narrowed down to less than 30, the remaining artists will compete head-to-head for maximum exposure. The final round will last for three weeks. Artists are randomly selected and matched so that no one has an advantage, and the submission with the most votes will win! You can follow individual competitions and be notified when the competition begins and when voting opens for each round.


Shape the Culture:

No longer will someone else dictate who you listen to or who should get spins. By giving everyone an equal opportunity to be seen and heard, and then advancing the winners, you are telling labels and radio stations what’s hot. Your vote will dictate the trends and determine which artists deserve more exposure. And with that simple vote, you are shaping the culture!


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